Recruiting for Physician Careers – Milk River

Milk River Offers Commitment and Support

As a medical practitioner, you will have access to a wide array of technicians and technologies to support your services. As well, the members of our community are committed to our local health services and together we can help you build your practice.

Milk River Health Centre is a continuing care and community support service facility providing services in 24-hour emergency, palliative care, homecare and mental health services.

The Health Centre has a Telehealth Room that is used for video followup visits with a healthcare provider, professional development and online meetings. We have an active community that donates generously for new resources for our healthcare facility.

As a member of the Chinook Primary Care Network, Milk River Medical Clinic offers reduced delays for physician appointments, ensures all residents have access to a family physician and uses a team approach to healthcare. Members of the team include laboratory and x-ray services, respiratory therapy, mental health, dietitians, physical therapy, diabetes education, pharmacy, registered and licensed practical nurses, social workers, home care workers, and public health nurses.

Milk River Medical Clinic has an Electronic Medical Record. Specialist referrals are made as required.

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