What can I do if I disagree with my property assessment?

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1. You should review your assessment in comparison to what your property would likely have sold for on July 1 of the previous year. If that number is close to your assessment, then likely the assessment is fair. If you think the assessment is too high, arrange for a meeting with the assessor by contacting Benchmark Assessment Consultants at  403-381-0535 or 800-633-9012. 

2. Get a second opinion, in writing, from an appraiser or realtor who has knowledge of Warner market values.

It is important to talk to your assessor before filing a complaint.  If the assessment is in error, it can be amended during the 60 day Customer Review Period. 

 If you don’t reach a resolution using the above process, you may file an assessment complaint. 

 Note: Corrections to an assessment can only be made within 60 days from the mailing of the notice.